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Coaching Services

  • Financial Freedom

    Get the mindset and practical tools to
    achieve your financial goals.

  • Career Fulfilment

    Connect with your greatest strengths
    and love what you do.

  • Self-Image

    Ensure your self-image is healthy
    and empowered.

  • Internet Freedom

    Take control of your screen time so it’s
    always constructive and enjoyable.

  • Caffeine Freedom

    Take control of your caffeine intake and
    eliminate its negative effects.

  • Relationship Relight

    Find your soul mate and reignite
    existing relationships.

All coaching solutions are tailored to your specific requirements.

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  • Paul

    “I have attended three of Chris Nolan’s seminars and they have been the catalyst for some amazing, positive changes in myself and my business. The seminar content is always stimulating, thought-provoking and challenging but also easy to digest. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris if you are looking to change your life and be more successful.”

  • Marion

    “Chris helped me to recognise the value I bring to my job, which led to a pay increase way beyond my expectations! Thank you Chris.“

  • Sarah

    “The sessions I had with Chris have helped me to focus on what I love and to pursue my goals more peacefully, with a clear mind and a clear plan.”

  • Craig

    “You showed me that I am in the drivers seat of my life. You showed me how to love myself for who I am. Thank you Chris.”