The following are testimonials received following private consultations and seminars with Chris:
“You showed me that I am in the drivers seat of my life. You showed me how to love myself for who I am. Thank you Chris.”
“I have attended three of Chris Nolan’s seminars and they have been the catalyst for some amazing, positive changes in myself and my business. The seminar content is always stimulating, thought-provoking and challenging but also easy to digest. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris if you are looking to change your life and be more successful.”

My sessions with Chris led to me achieving long-held ambitions in both my personal and professional life, for which I will be forever grateful.


Chris helped me to recognise the value I bring to my job, which led to a pay increase way beyond my expectations! Thank you, Chris.

“I came to Chris with my love life in a slump. We cleared out some baggage and renewed my confidence. Soon after I met the girl of my dreams – a German girl from Cologne – and we’ve been happily together since.”

“The sessions I had with Chris have helped me to focus on what I love and to pursue my goals more peacefully, with a clear mind and a clear plan.”


“Chris listened carefully to my situation and his questions triggered the right inner reflection, which facilitated my decision-making process about my career. It soon became clear that I had to take my destiny into my own hands and accept a new role in a new country – and thankfully I did, because I love it!”


My consults with Chris helped me to land my dream job in my dream location, Zurich! I’ve learned powerful tools from him that I’ll continue to use for years to come.


Chris taking me through The Demartini Method was an important milestone in my recovery from an emotionally challenging situation. Very professionally, Chris took me through the different steps of the process and this helped me to zoom out and realize how I could see things from a different point of view – and how, in fact, my situation was beneficial to me. I recommend this service to anybody struggling with an emotional charge.


Last year I took a course with Chris on personal finance. It was a real eye-opener for me and I took action according to the lines set out. Last month was the first in a long time where I didn’t have to pay credit card interest, and this month is the first where I don’t have to pay credit card debt. It’s a great feeling! Thank you very, very much for the excellent coaching.

“My time with Chris was really helpful for me as I am currently confused about my further professional development after a burnout which has taken me out for 1.5 years. With his sharp mind and structured questions Chris has helped me to understand where I currently stand and what steps are to be taken to move further as an independent consultant. Together we have defined a mission statement and goals as well as actions to be taken. He has also made me aware of the harshness which I have on myself and how I am still stuck in old unhealthy thinking patterns. The coaching has had a true liberating and motivating effect on me. I have always felt full of positive energy after the session. I am very grateful for this experience and can recommend it for anyone who needs support to move on in life.”
“I started to work with Chris when my career was in a downfall. Working as an independent television director had become increasingly difficult and jobs were not easy to find. I knew I wanted a change of direction but didn’t quite know how to do that. That’s where Chris came in. Our conversations started out as genuine creative brainstorms, something I was familiar with, and Chris helped me put all the cards on the table. From the moment he had me open up to realistic options, small changes followed quickly. Uncounciously I became very focused on the small assignments we both agreed I should do before our next session. In a way I wanted to show him I was prepared to work hard so that our sessions could have an output. I was amazed how easy it was for him to help me find out what was important to me, and to structure the many ideas I threw at him in my sometimes very chaotic way of thinking. We worked together for almost three months, with some breaks between each session, allowing time for a change to really happen. Fortunately for me it did. At the beginning of our last session I was happy to announce him my new job as a project manager in corporate communication. Chris pointed out that I got this job because of my hard work. I genuinely believe that he played a very important role in breaking down some “die-hard” ideas that kept me from looking for something new. Our working together also resulted in a short feature film “A Conversation” where I asked Chris to participate in a talk with an EU spokesperson that I had set up for him. I was somehow inspired by his calm way of talking to me, and imagined that this would work very well in a movie. He accepted and Chris became the principal actor in a film about a life coach: listening, suggesting, not rushing into things, taking time. That’s how it worked for the EU spokesperson and, most importantly, also for me.”


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